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the specialist for dusty, heavy-flowing bulk materials

Almost all our daily use products come in contact with bulk materials.

Especially slow-flowing, respirable bulk materials repeatedly cause problems in withdrawal and conveying into the production.

We tackle these problems…

Since 1979, LAB Anlagenbau GmbH has been producing conveyor systems for bulk materials. 

The basic experience for the handling of bulk materials was initially collected by LAB in agriculture for particularly robust requirements.

With the experience gained over the last few years, LAB has specialized in systems which, in particular, are able to extract heavily flowing, powdered bulk materials from different containers such as bags, Big Bag, interchangeable containers, silos and SEA-Containers.

The closed system operates absolutely dust-free and extract batches with weighing technology with an accuracy of up to +/- 100 grams / per batch (if necessary also more precisely).

LAB process technology not only offers an operational solution, but also takes into account the upstream and downstream bulk material logistics.

LAB is able to offer conveyor systems which are an economical extraction solution for smaller plants or smaller quantities of demand. … more of the transportable transport conveyer.

As a supplier of a closed bulk material handling system, LAB process technology complies with the BG regulations, MAC values and the packaging ordinance while at the same time cost-saving processing of the heavily flowing, dusty bulk materials.

LAB also offers the LAB interchangeable container. It serves as transport storage and extraction containers in the external and internal operating sequence, is food-safe and protects the environment.


Responsible craftsmanship

We are committed to the development of sustainable process technologies in our company and constantly benefit from new know-how in order to develop responsibly.



Extracting from different container: bags – Big Bag – LAB interchangeable container – Silo – Sea container.


LABOMAT conveyer

The LABOMAT is the core of the LAB process engineering. It is available in version VD as a vacuum-pressure conveying device, or as a pure vacuum conveyor, version V.


Receiving station

Transport directly into your production to the LAB mixing tank, cyclone or your existing technology.

The largest breweries in the world

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LAB Verfahrenstechnik

LAB Anlagenbau "Because dust-free is simply better!"

LAB calls “Dust-free is better” into being, because dust-free working is simply better and cheaper. The most different aspects are put into the focus to get the annoying topic “dust” finally under control for your employees, your production facilities as well as your end product.

Individual plant construction worldwide

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