– LAB Anlagenbau – Schüttgut Entnahme Förderung Dosierung und Bevorratung aus einer Hand

Estrella LaCoruna

LAB Receiving station

Conveying directly into the production zone.

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LAB mixing container

In the LAB mixing container, the dry components are metered online, under a liquid. As a result, the suspension becomes a dust-free homogeneous mass without long stirring times.

In conjunction with the entire LAB conveying and dosing system, the software is tailored to an optimum level. Thus, only those suspensions are mixed that are demanded by the production (for example, the filter).

Moreover, the entire LAB system has such a high speed that several production lines can be supplied with it. As soon as the recipe has been conveyed from the LABOMAT into the mixing container, the LABOMAT is once again free to withdraw new recipes.

The LAB mixing container is available in two different sizes and thanks to its structural shape, can even provide very small quantities for the production, depending on the requirement.


LAB Cyclone

If conveying has to be done in a dry container, LAB offers a cyclone, which takes up the material, including cleaning, and conveys it to a receiving station.

Pressure reduction systems

In order to reduce the pressure in the mixer during the transport, and to help the conveying, LAB offers the following two pressure reducing systems.

Pressure reduction container with water filter

During the batch transfer, the pressure reduction container guarantees dust-free charging into the mixing container.

Water consumption per transfer: 0,4 – 0,6 litres Power consumption: 0,0 kW

Pressure reduction blower

In order to additionally support the conveying during the batch transfer, and simultaneously dispose of the dust-charged air, LAB offers a pressure reduction blower. It is particularly recommended with long conveying distances.

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