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Estrella LaCoruna

The LABOMAT is the core of the LAB process engineering.

It is available in version VD as a vacuum-pressure conveying device, or as a pure vacuum conveyor, version V. Depending on the requirements, it can be supplied with a volumetric capacity between 100 and 1,000 litres.

An after-suction mechanism cleans the extraction pipe automatically after every call-up of the bulk material, and achieves a purity of grading when several components are being extracted.

The LABOMAT is preassembled with electrical and pneumatic units, and comes ready to plug in. The controller can be selected according to the requirement.


The LABOMAT VD is a vacuum- / pressure conveyor with volume or weight metering. It sucks the bulk material from the extraction station and conveys it by means of compressed air or CO2 (depending on the requirement) into the receiving station.


If the pressure process cannot be used in the production for conveying, pure vacuum conveying becomes necessary.

The LABOMAT V is a vacuum conveyor device with volume or weight metering. It sucks the bulk material from the extraction station and transports it under gravity or using other desired techniques into the receiving station.

*1: The specifications depend on the bulk density, the piping and the distance. Basis: Bulk material ifusorial earth with S = 0.45g/cm3; a component without fine metering; Small extraction and conveying pipes.

*2: Depending on the pipe guidance and height differences. Can also be customised.

*3: Specifications in litres, since the batch quantity depends on the bulk density.

LABOMAT as a mobile conveying and dosing device


Investment in a extraction-, conveying and dosing plant for slow-flowing bulk materials is usually concomitant with a high volume of investment or substantial renovation to be carried out in the production facility.

However, often, only small quantities of one or two components have to be metered.

There is a reluctance to make an investment in such a small plant, since renovation costs and costs of new technologies are often higher and payback is not fast.

Solution for small bulk materials quantities

The portable, mobile LABOMAT was developed specially for companies who wish to meter small quantities of bulk materials cost-effectively, dust-free, but nonetheless automatically and with a high dosing accuracy.

The plug-in, movable version allows problem-free deployment on different production lines, and is available in two standard sizes, VD100 and VD200.

Thus, no modification in the production lines is necessary.




Solution for larger bulk materials quantities

The versions VD500 and VD1000 from LAB cover the market for the conveying and dosing of larger quantities of bulk materials.

Especially suitable for extraction from Big Bag, interchangeable containers or silos.

The extraction and conveying distances allow clean partitioning of the production spaces. Extraction stations can be set up, for example, in the storage shed, LABOMAT as a conveying and dosing device in the intermediate stage, and the receiving station in the production facility in an absolutely dust-free zone.



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